Enrico Piazza

Enrico Piazza is an Italian-born singer-songwriter residing in San Diego, California. His music weaves elements from rock of the 60s to current day with his sweet words and poignant songwriting prowess. 

In this original song, "Eyes for Me," I had the honor of arranging the strings and laying down some piano flourishes. 

Produced by Chris Hobson at Hobsound


Nims of Mackenzie

In March 2023, the album, Nims of Mackenzie their album, Wallow. I contributed to 3 of his tracks, "Lose Your Mind" (grand piano, at Studio West), "Oh So," (synth, organ, at Mike Rudolph Music) and "Mexican Party Flag" (background vocals, at Studio West). To download, Wallow by Nims of Mackenzie, you can get it HERE. Enjoy!